Attorney Conclusion of Title (ACT®)

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A Full-Coverage Title Alternative for a Fraction of the Cost

Barriers to homeownership are increasing for consumers across the United States. With rising interest rates, home prices, and inflation, we understand that homeowners are searching for cost-effective ways to purchase or refinance.

The new alternative to title insurance, SingleSource Attorney Conclusion of Title (ACT®), provides major closing cost savings to homeowners.

What is an ACT®?

ACT® is an alternative to title insurance, that applies the strength of a legal title opinion to abstracted title evidence. Attorney opinion letters have been used to close real estate transactions for many years, in fact, they are older than title insurance. ACT® is a new GSE-approved iteration that is widely accessible and affordable in today’s market. Each ACT® is available at a fraction of the cost of traditional title insurance. This benefits the consumer directly, saving as much as an entire mortgage payment in some cases.

As a title company, the SingleSource title process remains the same as it would with title insurance, however, ACT® speeds up the process after closing. ACT® begins with a data-driven Decision Report, followed by a Preliminary ACT®. Once the closing is complete, the Final ACT® is issued and delivered to the lender and borrower after closing. Each ACT® is backed by specialty transactional insurance, issued by A.M. Best A rated carriers, that covers the full value of the loan for the life of the loan. 

Why SingleSource ACT®?

Immediate Savings to the Consumer

Using an ACT® saves the consumer a considerable amount in closing costs immediately. The savings can be anywhere from 20% to 70% of the cost of traditional title insurance, depending on the location.

Certainty in Every Transaction

The ACT® product marks the first time that legal title opinions have been produced with accuracy, consistency, and scale and approved by the GSEs.

No Additional Risk

Every ACT® is backed by transactional liability insurance that covers the full amount of the loan for the life of the loan, and is issued by an AM Best A rated carrier.

Seamless Fulfillment

The ACT® is built to work together with existing processes, including LOS integrations and settlement processes, and is issued within existing lender SLAs.

Now more than ever, homeowners are searching for the most cost-effective ways to purchase or refinance. ACT® is an innovative and competitive tool that provides your homeowners with substantial savings and rapid closings.

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