Credit Union Solutions

Mortgage services catered to credit unions and your members

SingleSource is proud to have a niche staff group that caters to our credit union customers. We understand the difference between a member and a borrower and are well-versed in CU needs. SingleSource has been working with credit unions for over 20 years and has developed a boutique suite of services catered to our credit union customers to support the full loan cycle – from origination to servicing. We provide the benefit of a larger organization with our extensive coverage and innovative product offerings, while delivering the attention to detail of a smaller provider.

Credit Union+ Program

We understand a full traditional product like an appraisal is not always necessary to meet your requirements. You know your members and their risk profiles, so you can leverage other options to get the data needed for your transaction. We offer a range of alternative product offerings like hybrid valuations, data products, inspections, and alternatives to title insurance (ACT) so you can save time and money in your loan transaction.

Title & Settlement

Our centralized title production center produces a variety of title products to meet the needs of our credit union customers. Unlike many of our competitors, SingleSource begins the curative process upon receipt of the abstract to further assist our customers in receiving a complete “Clear to Close” title commitment as soon as possible.

SingleSource’s title operation is also designed to meet the needs of multiple sectors of default operations. We have worked with loan acquisition, collection, loss mitigation, foreclosure, REO, and escrow departments. We provide a comprehensive title solution from property searches to funding, title insurance, closings, and more.


SingleSource’s approach to fulfilling valuation needs ensures our customers receive customized, accurate, and quick valuation services. We are committed to providing the highest quality and care to your business and your members. Our valuation offerings range from appraisals to BPOs, data products, inspections, hybrid valuations, and more. 

The value of a property is also a critical component in the default process, as it will determine the best course of action to ensure maximum return. Our goal is to provide you with the most accurate value to help you make the best decision on every property. 

REO Asset Management

A Comprehensive REO Solution

SingleSource manages the REO disposition process of default properties from foreclosure sale through liquidation or at any point in between. Our experienced asset managers coordinate all services on the default side, whether you use SingleSource for the entire process or other companies. Our team guarantees your highly sensitive deadlines are met and serves as your point of contact and expert advisor throughout the entire REO process.

Field SErvices

Our field services team’s goal is to maintain and protect the properties our clients entrust us with. We maximize every visit to the property, maintaining open and direct communication with our in field vendor partners, as well as a having thorough understanding of investor guidelines. From occupancy inspections to repairs, securing, lawn maintenance, and more, we can help with any of your property preservation and inspection needs.


We are the SingleSource for all credit union origination and servicing needs. We want to help you close more loans faster and with greater confidence while keeping your members happy.

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