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SingleSource’s Accounting and Finance department has a wide set of career opportunities consisting of both corporate and operational roles. The teams’ responsibilities range from financial analysis to the day to day business transactions. The department provides service to each operational group and the company as a whole to ensure the best financial practices.

SingleSource’s Client Relations department makes a significant impact on the success of the business. Every customer is assigned an Account Manager. Our Account Managers work closely with customers to aggressively manage their specific product and service needs. We generate detailed performance data for our customers. This data provides a clear and accurate overview on how we perform against our customer’s benchmarks.

Our IT department works with the entire organization in a culture where everyone feels responsible, motivated, engaged, and contributing to our collective success. We have an agile SCRUM development team, that builds new solutions and maintains existing production platforms through which we impact thousands of properties across the country each month. Joining our development group means you bring a passion for your craft, a fresh perspective on emerging technologies and a drive to collaborate on building great solutions.

The Marketing department works closely with all departments within SingleSource to create and manage all print and digital materials, graphics, social media channels and our corporate website to promote our company and services. The team also handles all public relations, trade show marketing, and works with the People Development department to manage internal communications to employees.

We are looking for people with backgrounds including marketing communications, public relations, digital marketing and analytics, social media experts and graphic designers. 

In People Development you are part of a team that serves and works with the entire company in a variety of ways.  Joining our People Development team means you bring a wealth of business, HR, and  life experience to our team and company.  If you are looking for a place to breakout of the traditional view of Human Resources and be a part of something unique, then this could be the right place for you.

We are seeking people who are eager to share knowledge, grow others’ capabilities, and be part of modernizing our technology and operations.  We get to work with the entire organization to create a culture where everyone feels responsible, motivated, engaged, and contributing to our collective success.

This department works on behalf of the loan servicer and through its national vendor network to keep vacant REO properties secure, safe and well-maintained inside and out. Our Field Service Contractors complete a range of services such as changing the locks, repairing, replacing or boarding up door and windows, fixing roofs, yard care, and general maintenance. The Field Services team works directly with our contractors to manage orders.

SingleSource manages the REO disposition process of default properties from foreclosure sale through liquidation, or at any point in between. SingleSource offers a complete one-stop solutions to REO needs. Several of our staff of Asset Managers are licensed Real Estate Agents who can navigate the property through everything from initial occupancy, marketing, contract negotiation, to final sale disposition.

SingleSource’s Resource Center is composed of compliance, support, and recruiting associates. The goal of the department is to maintain our vendor panel for all services we offer. Our vendors can be anyone from a real estate agent or appraiser to a lawn maintenance company. Our vendors work in tandem with all other departments to enable success of the business. Maintaining the vendor panel includes monitoring vendors licenses and insurance, running and reviewing background checks and performance to ensure the vendors we are using are of quality and providing support for any questions that our vendors may have. We also recruit vendors to grow our vendor panel in areas of the country where our service coverage needs boosting.

The Sales department works with all departments across SingleSource to best understand our products and services and foster relationships with clients. The sales department researches and explores business opportunities from banks, credit unions, mortgage companies, wall street accounts, and other businesses that use real estate transactions in the regular course of business. Sales representatives communicate by phone and email, travel to industry conferences, and make on-site visits. This is a dynamic department, requiring an extensive knowledge of lending processes to ensure a smooth transition to our company.

We offer an integrated team in our Title and Closing Department, so our clients have support during the entire loan process from the time the title report is received until the final title insurance policy is issued. Our team is comprised of multiple departments including but not limited to, title examination, title curative, disclosure preparation, and document preparation.

SingleSource’s approach to fulfilling valuation needs ensures our customers will receive customized, accurate and quick valuations services. The department handles Valuations operations, appraisals, and BPO Operations. Our valuations department consists of USPAP Certified reviewers and licensed appraisers who thoroughly examine each report to our customer’s underwriting guidelines and report the most relevant information to our customers. The team works closely with our vendor panel, to build and maintain working relationships with our brokers and appraisers.


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