Inspection Services

Monitoring occupancy and property condition is key to protecting your asset. SingleSource offers a full range of inspection services to ensure you are fully informed of the condition of your property and have all the information needed to make the best decisions to protect your investment. From a door knock to a full PCR, our nationwide network of inspectors, appraisers, and agents provide full coverage for all your needs.

Property Condition Report (PCR)

This is a common inspection report used in a variety of situations and can be an exterior or interior product. The Exterior Inspection documents the exterior condition of a property and neighborhood. The Interior Inspection documents the interior and exterior condition of a property. This report can also be ordered along with an AVM or desktop appraisal for hybrid valuation models.

Occupancy Inspection

This is an exterior inspection used to determine the occupancy status of the property, if it is vacant or occupied, and assess the condition. It will provide information on the exterior condition including documentation to support occupancy and property condition.

Door Knock Inspection (single & multi-attempt)

This is a contact inspection, used to verify the party occupying the property. It is typically used as a 2 or 3 attempt inspection but can be customized. Multiple attempt inspections take place on different days of the week and at different times of the day.

Post Disaster Inspection

These inspections, also known as FEMA inspections, provide a necessary layer of protection for lenders. They are used to assess and document property condition and damages after a disaster, which can include damage to the inside and outside of the home. Disaster reports help to estimate repair costs after a natural disaster event.

Loss Draft Inspection

This inspection is used to verify the progress and/or completion of repairs being performed, against an insurance scope to determine the release of insurance proceeds to the borrower.

Commercial Property Inspection

This is an inspection used specifically for commercial properties to provide documentation of the current condition and record damages. This inspection can be an exterior or interior report.

Construction Draw

This is an inspection used to determine the work being completed on a construction project. These inspections are performed by licensed appraisers.

Bankruptcy Inspection

This is an exterior, no contact, drive-by inspection that is used to document the property condition.

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