Valuation Services


Throughout the process — from order assignment to in-house quality assurance review to final report delivery — you can be confident your valuation products meet your specific account, product and industry compliant requirements.

In addition to offering a comprehensive suite of traditional and ancillary valuation products, we also have specialized products and services, such as our Investigative Field Review to give you a more in-depth approach to your valuation needs.


As the industry continues to move forward in the Appraisal Modernization front, SingleSource is excited to support our customers through the current acceptance and approval of the Fannie Mae (FNMA Form 1004H) and Freddie Mac (Form 70H) Desktop reporting. We are also proud to partner with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac on their appraisal waivers (Value Acceptance + PDR and ACE + PDR) through our application SingleVue™.

A hybrid appraisal, also known as a bifurcated appraisal, is a type of report in which a third party completes an in-person inspection of both the interior and exterior of the subject property. The inspection is then provided to an appraiser to complete an appraisal report from his/her desk while considering the photos, data, sketch, and floor plan provided.

Broker Price Opinion (BPO)

SingleSource offers a complete array of interior and exterior BPO products. A BPO report includes a site inspection (interior and/or exterior) along with neighborhood sales and listing information to determine the most probable value for the subject property. Each report is completed by a SingleSource certified vendor who is knowledgeable in the marketplace and has received customized valuation training and each BPO is reviewed for quality against client and industry standards by a group of highly trained Quality Assurance analysts.

Automated Valuation Models (AVM)

SingleSource offers numerous comprehensive Automated Valuation Models to assist in establishing market value for a specific property. Models available include statistical appreciation, hedonic, as well as linear regression analysis. Our products can be ordered using the “cascade” approach to automatically upgrade to the next-tiered product based on coverage and complexity of the valuation.

Value Reconciliation

SingleSource recognizes that opinions of value on a piece of property often vary from report to report and professional to professional. For this reason, we offer a value reconciliation process that compares multiple valuation products along with listing and sold data, courthouse records, and satellite mapping images to determine the credibility of a specific BPO or appraisal. SingleSource employs highly trained, in-house valuation experts that you can rely upon when you have a file in question.

Staff Field Appraisers

The SingleSource Staff Field Appraiser Division was implemented to prevent our clients from experiencing extended turnaround times (in key markets) during seasonal volume increases. The Staff Panel delivers quality appraisals in an expedited manner. In addition, they accept pre‐set inspection dates and times (at client request). This process allows our clients’ borrowers the flexibility of scheduling appointments with an appraiser who will not state “we are booked this week”.

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