COVID-19 UPDATE: ‘Shelter at Home’ Mandates


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As of May 26 2020, the following states, that we are aware of, have issued ‘shelter at home’ orders, all of which have defined financial services as ‘essential businesses’, unless otherwise noted (click on the state name to view the executive order). Many states are instituting reopen plans, view the changes in state stay at home status below:

Alabama – expired April 30
Alaska – expired April 21
Arizona – expired to May 15
*California – until further notice
Colorado – expired on April 26
Connecticut – expired to May 20
Delaware – extended to June 1
District of Columbia – extended to June 8
Florida – expired April 30, restriction on closure of non-essential businesses has been lifted
Georgia – expired April 24, restriction on closure of most non-essential businesses has been lifted
Hawaii – expired May 18
Idaho – expired April 30
Illinois – until May 30
Indiana – expired May 1
Kansas – expired May 3
Kentucky – expires May 11
Louisiana – expired May 15
Maine – extended to May 31
Maryland – expired May 15
Massachusetts – expired May 18
*Michigan – extended to June 12 – loosening of restrictions for non-essential businesses, realtors are now allowed to work
Minnesota – expired May 18 – loosening of restrictions for non-essential businesses
Mississippi – expired on April 27
Missouri – expired on May 3
Montana – expired on April 24
Nevada – expired May 15
New Hampshire – extended to May 31
New Jersey – until further notice
New Mexico – expired May 15
*New York – expired May 15, starting to selectively reopen segments of the state
North Carolina – expired May 8
Ohio – expired May 19
Oklahoma – expired May 24, beginning to reopen some businesses
Oregon – expired May 15
*Pennsylvania – extended to June 4, beginning to reopen some businesses on May 1, as of May 19, interiors are now able to be completed in the entire state (see asterisk below)
Rhode Island – expired May 8
South Carolina – expired April 22
Tennessee – expired April 27
Texas – expired April 30
Utah – expired April 30
Vermont – expired May 15
*Virginia – expired May 15, Northern part of the state has been extended to May 29 (see asterisk)
Washington – extended to May 31
West Virginia – expired May 21
Wisconsin – expired May 15
*Puerto Rico – extended to May 25

*California – as of May 18 – the governor announced that counties can reopen faster if they meet public health guidelines. Updated guidance on April 10 – the new guidance further clarifies the previous guidance (the previous guidance prohibited interior services with in-person contact) now stating that interior products can be completed as long as they are consistent with CDC and California public health guidelines

*Michigan – update as of May 1, a new executive order has been released allowing all real estate activities to reopen on May 7 (included previously deemed ‘non-essential’ real estate agents), as long as they follow public health guidelines

*New York – updated guidance reinforce real estate services, home inspection and appraisal as essential; any interior product can be completed as long as state’s COVID-19 public health guideline is followed and it occurs one-on-one

*Pennsylvania – Updated as of 5/19 – all interior services can now be performed in counties in both yellow or red phase of the state’s reopen plan (see below map). Governor Tom Wolf announced that starting 5/19, businesses and employees in the real estate industry may conduct limited business-related activities statewide. Previously, businesses and employees in the real estate industry were permitted to conduct limited in-person activities in counties in the yellow phase. This updated guidance requires that all businesses and employees follow all applicable provisions of the guidance, which includes requiring every person present at a work site, business location or property offered for sale wear masks/face coverings, and provisions requiring the establishment of protocols for execution upon discovery that business has been exposed to a person who is probable or confirmed case of COVID-19. All in-person activities should be scheduled and limited to no more than the real estate professional and two people inside a property at any time, exercising appropriate social distancing. When conducting settlements/closings utilize remote notary, powers of attorney or the exchange of contract documents electronically or by mail whenever possible. When it is not possible to do so, attendance in-person must be limited ot required signatories and their legal counsel or real estate professional only, and social distancing must be followed.

PA Phased Reopen Plan Visual Map

*Puerto Rico – in a circulation addendum to the executive order, the following is noted in sections, 5, 6, and 16, that financial services are exempt from the order. In regards to field services, the following services can be provided:
“1. Plumbers, electricians, people who repair, maintain, or replace home appliances, exterminators and pest control services, pool cleaning services, businesses and independent contractors who provide landscaping services, elevator repair and maintenance, security gate maintenance and repair, and other services that are necessary to maintain health, safety, and essential operations at an individual, residential, commercial, industrial, or public level.”

*Virginia – as of May 12, the governor extended the stay at home order for the Northern part of the state until May 29; the remainder of the state reopens on May 15.

SingleSource is able to provide in the following services in these regions with ‘stay at home’ orders during this time:

Valuations – All valuation products including appraisals, broker price opinions (BPO’s), and statistical analysis products

Field Services – All work orders with vacant properties, exterior work only for occupied properties

Title and Settlement and Document Management – Depending on the county and availability of electronic data or other methods

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