COVID-19 UPDATE: ‘Shelter at Home’ Mandates across the U.S.


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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to escalate, more and more counties, cities and states are instituting “shelter at home” mandates for their residents. We have compiled a list of all regions that are currently under this order. Only “essential businesses”, defined by the jurisdiction, are able to offer services during this mandate.

As of April 8, the following states, that we are aware of, have issued ‘shelter at home’ orders, all of which have defined financial services as ‘essential businesses’, unless otherwise noted (click on the state name to view the executive order):

Alabama – until April 30
Alaska – until April 11
Arizona – until April 30
*California – until further notice; no contact in the Bay area
Colorado – until April 26
Connecticut – until April 30
Delaware – until May 15
District of Columbia – until April 30
Florida – until April 30
Georgia – until May 13
Hawaii – until April 30
Idaho – until April 15
Illinois – until May 1
*Indiana – until April 20
Kansas – until April 19
Kentucky – until further notice
Louisiana – until April 30
Maine – until April 30
Maryland – until further notice
Massachusetts – until May 4
*Michigan – until April 30
Minnesota – until April 10
Mississippi – until April 20
Missouri – until April 24
Montana – until April 24
Nevada – until April 30
New Hampshire – until May 4
New Jersey – until further notice
New Mexico – until April 30
*New York – until April 29
North Carolina – until April 29
Ohio – until May 1
Oklahoma – until April 30
Oregon – until further notice
*Pennsylvania – until April 30
Rhode Island – until May 8
South Carolina – order to close all non-essential businesses, financial services are exempt; until further notice
Tennessee – until April 14
Texas – social distancing order; until April 30
Utah – until April 15
*Vermont – until April 15
Virginia – until June 10
Washington – until May 4
West Virginia – until further notice
Wisconsin – until April 24

*California Bay Area – the Executive Order restricts in-person contact; service providers that enable residential transactions (including rentals, leases, and home sales), including but not limited to, real estate agents, escrow agents, notaries, and title companies, must conduct business virtually rather than in person, or if a virtual viewing is not feasible, by appointment with no more than two visitors at a time within the same household
*Indiana – the governor updated the Executive Order on April 6 with more stringent guidelines on when an interior product can be completed, asking that any in-person services me conducted virtually or by telephone when reasonably possible, and any face-to-face encounters be postponed
*Michigan – appraisers are exempt but in-person business must abide by applicable conditions (COVID-19 friendly); Real estate agents and brokers are non-essential, they can only work from home
*New York – updated guidance reinforce real estate services, home inspection and appraisal as essential
*Pennsylvania – updated executive order stating: any transaction that pre-dates March 6th, all products both interior and exterior can be completed, however in providing interior services, the parties must follow social distancing and safe practices in line with guidance from the CDC. If the transaction is after March 6th, only exterior products can be completed – with no in-person contact.
*Vermont – property appraisals, inspections, title services and other activities that require in-person business are not permitted during the time of the Executive Order

The following cities and counties with “Stay at Home” orders in place, all of which have defined financial services as ‘essential businesses’, unless otherwise noted (click on the name to view the executive order):

WyomingJackson; Teton County

SingleSource is able to provide in the following services in these regions with ‘stay at home’ orders during this time:

Valuations – All valuation products including appraisals, broker price opinions (BPO’s), and statistical analysis products

Field Services – All work orders with vacant properties, exterior work only for occupied properties

Title and Settlement and Document Management – Depending on the county and availability of electronic data or other methods

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