Our New Greater Goal


In April 2019, our executive team hosted 3 sessions of an All Hands Meeting to discuss company-wide updates that happened during the first quarter of this year. Some of the highlights announced during the meeting include: we welcomed 11 new employees, promoted 6 current employees, and attended 3 trade shows in Q1.

In early 2019, the entire leadership team of SingleSource worked together to create our Greater Goal. We did this because we believe in the strength and capabilities of our company and desire to continue to grow our business.  We want to develop a culture where we all feel part of something special, and focus us all on what matters most.

What is a Greater Goal?

Simply put, having a Greater Goal allows us to come together as a team in service to something greater than ourselves – something that makes us feel good about our choice to work at SingleSource every day. 

Our Greater Goal at SingleSource:

SingleSource promotes and preserves the vitality of neighborhoods, helps unlock the door to home ownership, and creates a culture of diverse ideas.

We lead together by choosing to live our HOME Values

Healthy Esteem



Exceptional Customer Service

We are successful with and for YOU.

Our greater goal has helped us determine our greater purpose as a business, as well as helped create a focus for our initiatives for the year.

We ended the first quarter by celebrating our 19th anniversary as a company on April 1st. We are excited to continue celebrating and reach the big 20 next year, while working towards our Greater Goal.

About SingleSource

SingleSource provides a comprehensive range of services that can be applied across the entire loan origination process and servicing cycle.

Our wide range of product and service offerings can be summarized by 5 main lines of business: Valuations, REO Asset Management, Field Services, Title and Settlement, and Document Management.

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