Take Your Kids To Work Day 2023: Buying & Selling a Property


Ever wanted to host a Take Your Kids to Work day that actually describes what you do for work while teaching them useful skills? We did just that! This year we went all out and organized a day that was packed with hands-on activities for the kids to learn more about the different roles SingleSource plays when purchasing a house, as well as useful skills like budgeting and teamwork. Check out pictures and more information about the event below.

The day began with check-in, where the kids received SingleSource bags with supplies they needed for the day and a badge with their very own picture on it. Next, we invited them all to their very first meeting, where they were greeted by our CEO Brian Cullen. The team then explained what we do at SingleSource, and how our work extends to our customers and consumers.

The kids then visited 9 different stations around the office to learn more about what each department does and earn their “SingleSource Bucks”.

Once they finished their Office Tour and Department Meet & Greets, it was time for the main group activity – Buying and Selling a bank-owned Property:

  1. The kids split up into 6 different teams, with the oldest acting as team leader. We welcomed a wide range of kids, from 5-17 years old.
  2. Each team combined their money and decided which house they wanted to purchase based on the current conditions and sale price. They had to account for each repair or action needed, since it cost extra money, so they had to create a realistic budget with their combined cash.
  3. Once they picked the house they wanted to buy, they visited our REO Asset Management team to purchase it and receive their deed.
  4. They then called our Title clearance team to ensure the title was clear.
  5. Before they could start making repairs to get their house ready to sell, they had to order an inspection from our Inspection team on the property.
  6. Now that they had passed the inspection, they could start Field Services to get the property ready to sell! Based on the condition of the house, some needed more repairs than others. Each repair type had a fee that they had to pay out of their combined cash.
  7. Once they finished working on the house, they had to order an appraisal from our Valuation team to see how much the property was worth and how to price it for the auction.
  8. After getting their appraisal reports back, they were ready to list the homes for sale!

We then hosted an auction where all the parents bid on the homes. Once all the houses were sold, the kids could spend their well-earned money at the SingleSource Store!

We all enjoyed creating this fun and educational experience for the kids. We hope they learned a little more about the world of mortgage servicing and how service providers like SingleSource play such an essential part in the real estate and housing industry. Who knows, maybe some will grow up to be the future leaders in the industry. We can’t wait to come up with something new next year, and we hope this inspires you to create your own interactive Take Your Kids to Work Day.

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