Ashley Abbondanza Headshot, SVP Operations

Ashley Abbondanza

Senior Vice President, Technology & Process Improvement

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Ashley is Senior Vice President of the Resource Center at SingleSource.  Ashley has built her career thus far with no fear and no boundaries.  From the time she turned 13, Ashley has been working hard to play even harder.  She has been described as a “white-collar worker with a blue-collar mentality.”  Ashley believes hard work, perseverance, and entrepreneurial spirit will take you anywhere you want to go. 

Within SingleSource, Ashley has worked in Valuations, Vendor Management, Asset Management, Property Preservation, and Inspections.  Curiosity for things unknown has driven her to continuously reach outside of the boundaries to open conversations between teams, explore new lines of business, and be an ambassador for an agile workforce.  The bond between our business and technology is innate and ever-changing; Ashley saw that relationship as a window of opportunity to bridge her two worlds together and has recently taken a product owner role for our technology team.  

When she is not busy diving into a new integration or showing her teams her favorite excel tools, Ashley loves to spend time listening to NPR Podcasts, trying the latest new fitness class, or running around after her two young sons and two crazy dogs.